Mobilize VISION Monthly Brief - April


Posted by Mobilize VISION on Apr 28, 2022 5:07:39 PM

VISION is the innovation, initiative, and advancement software platform used for scale and flexibility in the fastest-moving technology revolution the world has ever known.

The Air Force has taken the lead on the VISION implementation and is setting up the DoD to achieve true transparency, collaboration, and joint scalability. Initiated with a SBIR Phase I and accelerated through a SBIR direct to  Phase III, AFIMSC led the charge on customizing VISION and why the platform is available Air Force-wide today. 


  • > Implemented Air Force-wide and available to all Members with Air and National Guard licenses in the works with the rapid capability to implement DoD-wide.
  • > VISION focus areas: reducing redundancies, increasing collaboration, secured and accessible transparency, boosting access and morale, and DoD scalability.
  • > Scaleable, data-driven solution tailored to the specific needs of DoD/military innovation and continuous process improvement initiatives.
  • > Advanced security using CAC enabled, IL4 environment, scalable to IL6.

Launch Wins

  • > VISION was launched on October 20th, 2021, with over 2k+ intrapreneurs and over 1k+ projects to date throughout the Air Force.
  • > MWP (Most Wanted Product) was customized in less than seven months while partnering on a new pipeline with Platform One (the fastest on record).
  • > Testing and feedback gathered from every MAJCOM and over 200 diverse stakeholders, refinements are ongoing with a large stakeholder group, led by AFWERX.

Airman Highlight

The Air Force ecosystem leadership at Spark Cells is strong – Stephen Jogerst featured here, created and printed this masterpiece for Phoenix Spark, Travis Air Force Base!

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Group Wins


  • > PACAF Continuous Process Improvement team is leading the CPI community into the VISION ecosystem.


  • > After reviewing the projects in VISION, JBER was able to connect multiple projects to different offices within their organization for solution exploration and implementation.

    • > Tesseract has used VISION to create visibility around all of the projects they are currently working on/supporting in the ecosystem.

      “VISION has become our preferred tool for connecting the Logistics community and its innovators to a user-centered software application that enables streamlined awareness and collaboration between the project manager and key stakeholders.
      It’s because of VISION we have had so much success quickly identifying high impact projects that align with strategic priorities and connecting the Airmen innovators to the right resources to accelerate implementation, scaling, and sustainment.”
      – Colin Dziadaszek, Deputy Chief, Concept Integration Branch, Tesseract AF

Data Highlights

🖐️ Users increased 133% from January to April


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AFWERX Innovation Day – Thursday, 12 May, 2022

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Hosted at the new Tech Port Center & Arena. A series of activities to dialog on innovative solutions for force development and installation support challenges culminating with members from all services facing-off in the Armed Forces Sports Championship featuring Halo Infinite by Air Force GamingAgenda:


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