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Join thousands of Air Force, Space Force, Air National Guard, and Army National Guard members using VISION to drive initiatives.

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Getting Started

In order to access the VISION application, users need:

A Platform One account.

If you do not have a P1 account you can create an account here

A CAC (or be on a whitelisted network ex. on base).

Users need to associate their CAC with their P1 account and then will be able to access the URL moving forward without their CAC.

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Linking your CAC to your Platform One account

Confirm cert installation

Go to to confirm your certs are installed.

Associate your CAC or ECA to your existing account

  1. Clear your browser cache/cookies
  2. Insert your CAC or ECA
  3. Navigate to
  4. When prompted to pick a certificate, choose the ID cert and supply the pin
  5. You’ll see a message indicating that a new PKI or CAC was detected
  6. Use your existing Platform1 credentials to continue logging on with your username/password/MFA
  7. After finishing logging in there, you will be able to use either your CAC, ECA, or your username/pw/MFA

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